Laser Surgery

Lasers are relatively new to veterinary medicine, and they have been very beneficial for many surgical procedures. Instead of a traditional scalpel blade, a concentrated beam (laser) is used to make incisions. Lasers seal blood vessels, lymphatic vessels, and nerve endings as they cut which results in less bleeding, swelling, and pain. Lasers can be very precise in their cuts and can kill bacteria and tumor cells in the surgical field.

This surgical option is especially recommended for feline declaws, eyelid and oral surgeries, ear procedures, and tumors of all types. In older patients, some smaller, superficial skin masses can be removed with a local anesthetic if general anesthesia is a concern.

A laser can essentially be used anytime a scalpel blade would be used, and is sometimes preferred over more traditional methods.

Please call and check with us if you have questions or think laser surgery may be your pet's best option.

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