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The internet is a great source of information for our pets, but it is difficult to judge the quality of some resources. Below are some of our favorite websites. Enjoy your research and please contact usif you have any questions!


Pet Health

Louisville Poison Control 502-589-8222

Cornell University Poisonous Plants Database

A very helpful and searchable database on plants that may be toxic to your pets.

National Animal Poison Control Center

Information on how to reach the Animal Poison Control Center through the ASPCA's website.

American Veterinary Medical Association

The official website of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Animal Diseases in the News

The USDA's web site with information on animal diseases often seen in the news; including Mad Cow Disease, foot and mouth disease, and Newcastle Disease in birds. This site also includes links to information necessary when traveling to another country with your pet.

Cornell Feline Health Center

For extensive information on health issues pertaining to cats.

Embrace Pet Health Insurance

Shopping around for pet insurance? We help you navigate the fine print by providing head-to-head comparisons.

Feline Chronic Renal Failure

A valuable website for owners of cats with chronic renal failure.

Using a tiny microchip about the size of a grain of rice, HomeAgain connects you and your pet to a comprehensive pet recovery service.

Idexx Laboratories Pet Owner Education

Check out this month´s featured pet health topic or browse a list of topics.

What you need to know to keep you cat healthy. can help you find out how common some infectious diseases are in your area.

Louisville Dog Association

Guide to the Louisville area parks with off-leash availablity.

The TickEncounter Resource Center promotes tick-bite protection and tick-borne disease prevention by engaging, educating, and empowering people to take action.

Veterinary Partner

This site is one of the best single resources for pet owners on all aspects of pet care. It is designed and maintained by veterinarians. There is an extensive library on health care, interactive message boards, and links to other resources. This site is highly recommended.

Veterinary Pet Insurance

The medical care of pets has become more sophisticated. Many of the diganostics and treatments we use in veterinary medicine rival those in human medicine. Pet insurance is available and can help with those associated costs of owning a pet.

Zoonotic diseases (diseases you can get from your pets)

Approximately 75% of recently emerging infectious diseases affecting humans are diseases of animal origin; approximately 60% of all human pathogens are zoonotic.

Pet Loss & Grief

End of Life Care FAQ

Coping with the impending loss of a pet is one of the most difficult experiences a pet parent will face.

Pet Angel

Pet Angel Memorial Center provides you and your family with dignified, respectful choices in after-care services, including truly private cremations, as well as grief resources, support forums and options for honoring the passing of your cherished companion.

Rainbows Bridge

An online memorial site to help cope with pet loss and grief. Share your stories with other people who have lost a beloved pet.


Brittany Thomas, LVT, IAABC-CABC behaviorist

A behavior consultation is designed for dogs and cats to evaluate the behavior concerns you have with your pet.


Canine Professor

If you are in need of a professional Louisville dog training service that uses force-free, science-based training, then we can help. Training your dog should be a fun and bonding experience.

Competitive Edge Agility

We offer multiple types and levels of classes for dog/handler teams in a competition style facility providing students with the only place in Louisville where they can train where they will compete.

Edwin's Canine Academy

With an in depth understanding of canine psychology, behavior management, and force free training, we can troubleshoot the challenges you may be experiencing and find solutions that work.

From the authors of "Good Owners, Great Pets" (Brian Kilcommons and Sarah Wilson), this is a good site for training tips.

The Life of Riley

We provide positive reinforcement dog training tailored to the needs of you and your dog.

Recommended Reading

Bones Would Rain From the Sky: Deepening Our Relationship With Dogsby Suzanne Clothier on

The Other End Of The Leashby Patricia McConnell on

The Power Of Positive Dog Trainingby Pat Miller on


Traveling with your pet? Check here for information on hotels, sites, campgrounds, etc. that permit pets.

Veterinary Science

American Veterinary Medical Association

The official website of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

Veterinary Schools of North America

Links to all the veterinary schools in the United States and Canada.

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