Digital Radiography (X-Rays)

Digital Radiography

If your pet is limping, has a cough, has been vomiting or is painful in the abdomen, sometimes an x-ray (radiograph) may be recommended in addition to the physical exam to help us see what is going on in the inside of your pet.

Digital X-rays can help us evaluate the skeleton to assess for broken bones, dislocations, tumors, or suspicion of disk disease. X-rays let us see the size of the heart and evaluate the lungs for signs of infection or fluid build-up.

An x-ray reveals bladder and kidney stones, lets us see if there is enlargement of the liver or spleen, if there is a tumor in the abdomen, may give evidence of an ingested foreign body, or the presence of a pregnancy.

X-rays can play an essential role in the diagnostic work-up of your pet.

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