Dermatology and Allergy Testing

Pets can have allergies too! Many of the things that people are allergic to: ragweed, molds, trees, grasses, cat dander, dust mites, fleas, and even foods, can also cause allergic symptoms in dogs and cats. Rather than coughing and sneezing, our patients often exhibit their allergies with skin disease - especially itchiness. Chronic ear infections and skin infections can also be a problem.

Some cases are managed with anti-histamines, special foods, and omega 3 fatty acid supplements. Steroids can be helpful and necessary initially, but can cause side effects with long-term usage. Allergy shots can also be helpful in many cases.

In order to find out what a pet is allergic to, blood samples are sent to a laboratory that specializes in detecting antibodies to many different potential allergens. This information is used to formulate an allergy serum specific to each patient's needs.

As part of an overall treatment plan, allergy testing can improve many pets skin problems and make them much more comfortable during allergy season.

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